Daniel: Esteemed By God

Daniel: Esteemed By God

If you’ve always thought the book of Daniel was too complex to understand, here’s the good news: You don’t have to understand everything in order to benefit from its many timeless and beautiful messages. Remember, even Daniel himself did not understand everything that was revealed to him!

What we can understand are the examples for living that Daniel and his friends left for us to discover. They surrendered their lives to God and found a measure of peace, even when their very lives were threatened.

You, too, can enjoy that same measure of peace today. When your world shifts and starts to cave in on you, remember the unwavering faith of these men of old. Resolve to serve Him, no matter what may happen. After all, the same God who cared for them so long ago still cares for you today!

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Answers to "Thoughts to Ponder"

At the end of each chapter in Daniel: Esteemed by God are three "Thoughts to Ponder." To view the author's answers, click on the appropriate chapter in the menu to the right. (Or scroll down if you're on your phone.)

Syllabus for Daniel: Esteemed By God