Daniel: Esteemed By God

Daniel: Esteemed By God

Finding Peace in a Changing World

If you’ve always thought the book of Daniel was too complex to understand, here’s the good news: You don’t have to understand everything in order to benefit from its many timeless and beautiful messages. Remember, even Daniel himself did not understand everything that was revealed to him!

What we can understand are the examples for living that Daniel and his friends left for us to discover. They surrendered their lives to God and found a measure of peace, even when their very lives were threatened.

You, too, can enjoy that same measure of peace today. When your world shifts and starts to cave in on you, remember the unwavering faith of these men of old. Resolve to serve Him, no matter what may happen. After all, the same God who cared for them so long ago still cares for you today!

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About the Book

Back Cover of Daniel: Esteemed By God

Does God care when things go wrong in our lives?

Daniel and his friends may have asked themselves that question as they faced captivity, unfair politics, and even death sentences. Time after time, Daniel asked God for help—for hope—and God answered! Although the accounts in Daniel may seem bit removed from the reality of life today, the truth is that the God who guided and protected His people back then is the same God who cares for you today.

The powerful stories and prophecies in the book of Daniel are exciting and, at times, confusing. In truth, not even Daniel himself understood everything he wrote about. But here’s the good news: He didn’t have to understand everything to have a close relationship with God; he simply needed to believe God and trust Him.

Daniel: Esteemed by God, reveals the beautiful message of God’s faithful love and continual presence in our lives. What Daniel and his friends discovered remains true in today’s constantly changing world: God is in control. By relying on Him, you can find peace, even in the direst of circumstances.

Designed to be accessible for Bible students and novices alike, this book—with its short chapters, complete scripture references, and thought-provoking questions—makes this Old Testament book personally relevant. Most importantly, Daniel: Esteemed by God will help you better understand how to have a close relationship with God and experience His love in a deeper way.

Daniel: Esteemed by God is a welcome and refreshing guide to understanding more of the tiny divine insights we are privileged to experience, if we have our spiritual eyes, ears, and minds attuned for the reception.”

Dan Miller, author of Wisdom Meets Passion

“Marilynn Hood masterfully shows the hand of God at work in Daniel and how that same hand is at work for us…. Daniel: Esteemed by God is a book for our times.”

Debbie W. Wilson, author of Little Women, Big God 

Contents—Daniel: Esteemed By God

Author’s Note

How to Use This Book

Introduction: Setting the Scene (brief summary of Jewish history)

Chapter 1: A Message from God ~ Jeremiah 25:1-14

Chapter 2: Living In Times of Turbulence ~ Daniel 1:1-7

Chapter 3: Living Under Someone Else’s Control ~ Daniel 1:1-7

Chapter 4: Nurtured by God in a Foreign Land ~ Daniel 1:8-21

Chapter 5: A Time to Stand and Act ~ Daniel 2:1-19

Chapter 6: A Time to Praise ~ Daniel 2:17-23

Chapter 7: Acknowledging and Honoring the Power of God ~ Daniel 2:24-45

Chapter 8: King Nebuchadnezzar—Chosen by God ~ Daniel 2:28-45

Chapter 9: God Reveals the Future to Nebuchadnezzar ~ Daniel 2:31-49

Chapter 10: King Nebuchadnezzar Forgets God ~ Daniel 3:1-7

Chapter 11: Risking Their Lives to Honor God ~ Daniel 3:8-30

Chapter 12: The King’s Second Dream—God Tries Again ~ Daniel 4:1-18

Chapter 13: God Gives Nebuchadnezzar Time ~ Daniel 4:19-37

Chapter 14: King Belshazzar Sees the Writing on the Wall ~ Daniel 5:1-12

Chapter 15: The Night Prophecy Was Fulfilled ~ Daniel 5:13-31

Chapter 16: King Darius Regrets His Decree ~ Daniel 6:1-14

Chapter 17: God Saves Daniel from Death ~ Daniel 6:13-28

Chapter 18: Daniel Glimpses Eternity ~ Daniel 7:1-14

Chapter 19: Daniel’s Vision Interpreted ~ Daniel 7:15-28

Chapter 20: Daniel’s Vision of the Ram and the Goat ~ Daniel 8:1-14

Chapter 21: Daniel’s Second Vision Explained ~ Daniel 8:15-27

Chapter 22: Daniel’s Prayer ~ Daniel 9:1-19

Chapter 23: The Seventy “Sevens” ~ Daniel 9:20-27

Chapter 24: Daniel’s Vision of a Man ~ Daniel 10:1-11:1

Chapter 25: The Future Revealed to Daniel ~ Daniel 11:2-27

Chapter 26: Difficult Times for God’s People ~ Daniel 11:28-45

Chapter 27: The End Times—Great Changes to Come ~ Daniel 12:1-13

Chapter 28: The End Times—God’s Love and Care ~ Daniel 12:1-13

Chapter 29: The Meaning of the Visions of Daniel ~ Daniel 12:1-13

Chapter 30: Daniel—A Righteous and Wise Man of God ~ Ezekiel 14:12-20; 28:1-3

Chapter 31: Daniel—A Prophet of God ~ Matthew 24:1-21


For Further Study

About the Author

How to Use This book

This book may be used either for individual study or for study within a group.

  • For individual study, the thirty-one lessons plus the Intro could easily serve as a month of daily devotional studies. However, you could also extend your studies of this fascinating time in Jewish history much longer by using each lesson as a springboard for further research.
  • For group study, two or more lessons could be covered each week, depending on the the duration of your class. The overview below can be used to help create a syllabus for the class.
Overview of Daniel: Esteemed By God

The book of Daniel (in the Bible) can be divided into two basic parts: Chapters 1-6 cover the life of Daniel and his friends, and Chapters 7-12 cover the visions or dreams of Daniel, with Daniel’s prayer being in Chapter 9.

In Daniel: Esteemed By God, the lessons can be divided as follows:

  • Life of Daniel & Friends—Intro through Lesson 17 (18 lessons)
  • Visions of Daniel—Lesson 18 through Lesson 29 (12 lessons)—Note that the Prayer of Daniel is covered in Lessons 22 and 23.
  • Other Scriptures Referencing Daniel—Lessons 30 and 31.
Syllabus for Daniel: Esteemed By God

Click on the link below for a Syllabus to use with Daniel: Esteemed By God:

Thoughts to Ponder

At the end of each lesson are three Thoughts to Ponder to help foster further personal study or to use for group discussions. The author’s answers or thoughts on these Thoughts to Ponders are available here on this website. May the study of Daniel truly bless your life!

Although raised in a very austere Mennonite home, I have always been fascinated by wonder, awe and mystery—the parts of my faith I could not fully understand. And my namesake book of Daniel shares wonderful stories of God speaking through dreams and visions. I love knowing we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg in understanding God—and even the world in which we live. Daniel: Esteemed By God is a welcome and refreshing guide to understanding more of the tiny divine insights we are privileged to experience, if we have our spiritual eyes, ears, and minds attuned for the reception.
The book of Daniel can feel overwhelming. Honestly, it hasn't been one of my "favorites" to read; however after reading this book, I found the book of Daniel to be really interesting from many perspectives. I especially appreciate how the author discusses the book of Daniel and makes it relevant to "everyday people.”
Marilynn leads the reader on a fascinating, easy-to-read journey through time. As she lays out the historical background for Daniel, she presents this biblical hero's difficulties in a way that feels as fresh and modern as any problem you or I might face today. For me, it read like a suspense novel I could not put down!
While we all seek to know, cherish, and glorify God more, with limited understanding of Biblical facts and truth, it’s easy to come up short. Thankfully, through the power of His Word, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to grow and mature in our walk. Marilynn Hood does a brilliant job of sharing her perspective on Daniel and the events surrounding his life. Her understanding and writing come from a pure and undiluted place of wanting to know and grow more. The layout and short chapters of this book make it an excellent choice for individual, group, and congregation-wide study.
Daniel: Esteemed By God is anything but a dry, historical accounting of an Old Testament book. It's a walk with the people through the events they faced, and it takes you right into the story as if you are experiencing it yourself. Is it historically and biblically accurate? Yes, but it reads more like an engaging novel than a crusty textbook. A great addition for your library!
Daniel is one of my favorite biblical heroes. This young man, who lost so much, sparkles against the dark and challenging circumstances of his life. Marilynn Hood sets the stage for understanding Daniel by providing the background and prophecies leading up to this somber period of Israel’s exile. She masterfully shows the hand of God at work in Daniel and how that same hand is at work for us. The short chapters and personal applications make this book appropriate for individual and group study. Daniel: Esteemed By God is a book for our times.
Genre: Christian Bible Study/Devotional Book
Publisher: Gypsy Heart Press
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 194 pages