Change Your Life in 31 Minutes

Special thanks to my guest blogger, Derek C. Olsen for this great article. I predicted his book, The Four Week Financial Turnaround, would soon become a best seller, and I was right! Yes, it’s that good! If you’re ready to stop complaining about your money and take action, Derek shows you how to make real changes happen. And you can start with the next 31 minutes!

Change? Yes, please.

You are here, and you want to be there. Change is the only thing that will get you there.

Join me in spending just 31 minutes pondering your current and future financial situation. A minute-by-minute Q & A that will change your financial life. Be brave and literally write down your answers. Then write down your goals and action steps. Then, take action. Change is waiting.

Ready, Set, CHANGE!

Minutes 0-4

• Ponder where you are now. What does your current situation look and feel like? Use descriptive words like comfortable, dangerous, unsteady, or acceptable. Do you have all your financial bases covered? Which areas are well taken care of, and what needs attention?
• Example: I feel overwhelmed by my my garden variety consumer debt. I make plenty of money, but I am unorganized and don’t have a plan. I don’t know where to start.

Minutes 5-9

• Ponder where you want to be. Imagine the place you want to be and then describe it. Again, use descriptive words like secure, confident, independent, and organized. Why do you want these things and what will they allow you to do, be, or have?
• Example: I would like to be organized, on a debt payment plan, and debt free by the end of 2014. This will allow me to give more to the needy, have less stress, and I just might buy myself something nice, too!

Minutes 10-14

• Identify what isn’t working. What are you doing that isn’t working well? You must start this section believing that change is possible.
• Example: I know I can do this, if I just quit ignoring my debt and really get serious about paying it off I can become debt free in less than two years. I need to stop winging it each month. My current plan isn’t working as well as it could be.

Minutes 15-19

• Create a new plan that will work better. With all the options out there, there must be something that will work better. Something that you can replace those parts that aren’t working well with.
• Example: I need to start a monthly budget and create a debt payment plan. This will include cutting back on clothes and restaurants for two years. If I redirect $240 more dollars a month to my debts, I will be debt free in two years.

Minutes 20 – 24

• Commit to taking action. Don’t give up, make adjustments as needed. Chances are, like with anything new, it will take some readjustments to get it just right. Did you tie your shoes correctly on the first try? Did you hop on a bike and take it for a spin around the block on the first try? Realize from the beginning that you will make mistakes, experience setbacks, and will need to do something over.
• Example: I am tired of my current situation and slow progress. Two years will pass anyway. I know I can do this and it won’t even be that difficult. I am thrilled at the opportunity to make real, lasting change. I will stick to my plan even when I experience temporary setbacks and even if I drop the ball every now and then. I don’t expect to be perfect, but I do expect to reach my goal.

Minutes 25 – 30

• Be brave and literally write down your answers. Then write down your goals and action steps. Then, take action. Change is waiting.
• Get up, right now, and take the first step.
• Example: No time for an example, I am off organizing my debts…

What changes would you like to make? What has or has not worked for you when chasing goals and making changes? Be sure to let Derek know. You can find him over at his new site How Do I Money?  He also has a podcast and other cool stuff you can check out there!